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We offer quality commercial and residential lawn care services

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Denver Lawn Masters, a family owned and operated business, was founded in 1995, by Dennis Ornelas. We began as a small part-time business. Dennis worked out of the back of his truck, using a beat up mower, a trimmer, and push broom. Through hard work and dedication, Dennis began putting back into the business and has grown into a well respected and recognized lawn care company. We use top-of-the-line equipment, offer competitive and fair pricing, and guarantee customer satisfaction.

From the very beginning, our focus has been attention to detail, professionalism, and superior customer service in all that we do. We are a year-round lawn care and management company that offers mowing, gutter cleanouts, irrigation, fertilization, yard clean ups, land scaping, and snow & ice removal for residential and commercial clients. 

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Why Choose Us

Our service is different from other lawn care companies because of our excellent customer service, our passion in creating beautiful lawns, and our family’s promise to treat you like family!

100% Guarantee

Try us out with no risk and zero commitment. If you are not completely wowed by our unique service you may walk away without any pressure or hassle.

Dedicated Support

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and are very proud of the reputation that we have built.

Reasonable Price

We assure our customers that our company has a very reasonable price that is fair for the work that we are providing.

Family Owned & Operated

With 50+ years of combined experience, our family takes pride in our multi-generational workforce. This is not just a job, it's in our blood!

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Professional Team

We understand that customer satisfaction starts with dependable service. We carefully vet our employees to ensure they align with our company vision.

Speed and Efficiency

We always work quickly, but we never let speed impact quality. Expect us to get your job done efficiently to where it exceeds your expectations.

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